Ernst Eklund

Ernst’s love for music started at the tender age of 8, when he first heard Pantera’s “Walk” on a local radio station on his way to football practice. Ernst was immediately fascinated by the heavy groove and instantly knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music. At first, in lack of certainty of what instrument to play, he picked up the guitar but quickly lost interest. 

Ernst did however find a passion for playing drums, and still plays to this day.

While attending his first year of high school Ernst developed a taste for more extreme forms of metal. Listening to bands such as Thy Art Is MurderBloodbath and Death Among Others

16 year old Ernst had grown tired of drumming and wanted to try something new. He took a keen interest to the screaming vocals of the bands listed above and decided that he wanted to learn how to scream/growl. Trying to scream along to songs such as “Holy War” by Thy Art Is Murder and “Pull The Plug” by Death, he got better over time and eventually developed his own unique style of screaming, blending old school and new school screams/growls.

Two years later Ernst was asked to join Swedish Death metal-outfit Katakomba. It was here that he met Oskar (who was Katakombas drummer at the time). Through Oskar he met Jona, William and Anton. Oskar eventually left Katakomba but their friendship remained, and in may of 2019 when The Overthrone was in need of a new vocalist Ernst was asked to join. He immediately said yes and the rest is history…