The band members derived from various bands in the Stockholm county area that never really became a household name among the people of the Stockholm underground scene. The Overthrone is now a group with endless potential and they are here to stay and ready to show the world that they belong on the biggest festival scenes!

With their debut EP released, the band was received very well by audience. While not only gaining a substantial amount of listeners on Spotify and being featured and reviewed by a great deal of bloggers, reviewers and reaction channels, The Overthrone were also nominated for the “Yearly Newcomers” award at the “Manifestgalan” in Sweden year 2018

The Overthrone is a Melodic death-metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. 

The band has taken a lot of inspiration from bigger melodic metal acts like: TriviumIn FlamesAt the GatesSylosis etc.

The band has gotten some incredible feedback on the EP singles and has even been added to some of Spotifys 39 own editorial playlists; New Blood and New Metal tracks, where they share the space together with giants like SlipknotArchitects and Revocation.

What we do

With a mixture of old and new, The Overthrone brings a little something for all to enjoy. Whether it’s hardthrashy and heavy riffs with brutal vocals or melodic solos, melodies and vocal lines, The Overthrone thrives to give their fans and audience the best live and listening  experience possible.